Zen Prayer Flag."The most gentle force in the universe will overcome the most rigid."

A very simple prayer flag, in the Zen tradition. The quotes on this prayer flag include: “The obstacle is the path.” “The most gentle force in the world will overcome the most rigid.” “My religion is simple, my religion is kindness.” Dalai Lama The images on this prayer flag are stamped by hand on each bright panel. These prayer flags are made in a small shop in Juarez, Mexico, a city ravaged by poverty and violence. The women in our shop take tremendous pride in producing the best quality prayer flags available at a modest price. They are made of a durable weight cotton poplin so they will not ‘scrunch up’ or tear in the wind. They are hand dyed with permanent, non-toxic dyes and they last many months outside in wind and rain before fading gradually. Our workshop is part of a community development project run by the Sisters of Charity (proyectosantonino.org), for families with special needs children. This project supports several of these families and ALL of our proceeds go directly to the people making the prayer flags. Each strand of prayer flags consists of nine panels, each 6”-5”, and the strand is approximately 54” long. They look great indoors or outdoors!