Super Six Organic Mushroom Powder - Daily Wellness Blend (Chaga, Reishi, Lion's Mane, Mesima, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps) Supports Mind, Energy & Immune System Grown in The USA | 60 Grams / 30 Servings


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The Organic Superfood We picked six of the most powerful mushrooms and blended them in a combination that supports mental acuity, adaptogenic energy and overall immune system wellness. Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps boost bloodflow and brain function. Chaga, Mesima and Turkey Tail enhance your immune system. Reishi helps with relaxation and stress reduction. All organic, all the time. Full Spectrum, Full BenefitsOur mushroom powder blend contains both mycelium and fruiting bodies for a larger range of beneficial compounds including beta glucans, antioxidants and triterpenes. Many mushroom species have high concentrations of these compounds in their mycelium (like roots) so our blend includes the “full spectrum” of our mushrooms’ active ingredients. Add to Coffee, Smoothies, Teas or… AnythingWe like Super Six Mushroom Powder in just about everything. It tastes mushroomy, pleasantly bitter and complex. Stirred into a morning coffee? Yes please. In a post-gym protein shake? For sure. We encourage experimentation of all kinds, let us know how you like to get your mushrooms on! Plus, the resealable zipper bag makes storage easy. Grown & Packaged in the United StatesAll our ingredients are sourced from USDA certified organic mushroom farms in the United States. While most other mushroom companies source from China, we believe keeping it local allows a greater degree of transparency and more certainty that our mushroom powders are free of contaminants. Cleaner mushrooms, shorter supply chain, happier world! 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeWe stand by our products and hope you will find them as effective as we do. If not, please contact us for a full refund or replacement product.

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