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Live Superfoods Organic Maca Root Powder, 12 oz What is Maca Root? Maca root is a nutrition-packed root vegetable grown high above sea level in the Peruvian Central Andes mountains. This hardy plant has been revered as both a food and a medicinal herb by the residents of Peru for thousands of years. Maca root is a source of a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, cholesterol-controlling sterols, and antioxidant compounds. Maca root is known for its support for stamina, energy, and libido enhancing. The Incans considered Maca such a potent energy source that its use was restricted to Royalty and warriors. Today, the residents of Peru enjoy the benefits of this superfood, and it is gaining popularity outside of Peru. Health Benefits of Maca The reported benefits of Maca root include: Promotes energy, stamina, and endurance Supports fertility Enhanced libido Promotes a healthy, balanced stress response (adaptogenic herb) Supports healthy mood Immune system support Maca root comes in a variety of colors, and each color is considered a genetically unique variety of the root vegetable. Each Maca variety has a unique nutritional profile with varying therapeutic properties. This color extends only to the peel of the maca root, however. The maca root itself is always the same creamy, yellow-beige color, regardless if the maca is Red Maca, Black Maca, or Yellow Maca. Our Maca root powder can also be referred to as Yellow Maca, or Cream Maca. How to Use Maca Powder Maca root powder has an earthy-malty flavor with a warm, vanilla-butterscotch aroma. The flavor and aroma of Maca powder makes it a great addition to mesquite powder, carob powder, cacao powder, and nut butters. Maca powder can be used in baked or un-baked goods, added to raw energy bars, stirred into water or

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