Hawaiian Coconut Water Energy Drink Powder, 100 Servings, Clean Instant Coconut Drink - Just add water, Non GMO Vegan Gluten Free

Embrace the energy of ancient Hawaiian WarriorsAre you ready to ditch the quick fix coffee, and get natural energy without the painful mid-afternoon crash?We have harnessed the power of the coconut to give you the greatest advance in energy boosting technology.Ever since ancient Hawaiian Warriors discovered the nutrient rich energy found in the center of the young green coconut, they’ve been able to jump higher, run faster and survive longer. To this day, professional boxers rehydrate with coconut water to make sure they’re ready for action.Unique powerful energyWe have been able to extract the unique blend of electrolytes and vital nutrients to fuel your mind and body with pure bursts of natural energy. The pure energy from our coconut drink will leave you feeling great with no withdrawal and no painful crashes.Freedom to use anywhereOur natural powder gives you convenient access to your energy wherever you need it. Simply add water for a silky-smooth drink on the go.Fresh unique tasteIf you love coconuts, you are sure to love the organic flavor of our Hawaiian coconut energy. What you will love even more is that we don’t add toxic flavorings or chemicals to adjust the taste. We let the natural sweetness of the coconut do all the flavoring for you. A Healthy Choice Our Hawaiian coconut energy has:0 calories 0 carbs0 sugars0 fatsVegan friendlyGluten freeNo CrashNot only will it rehydrate your body and boost your energy. It can improve digestion, lower blood pressure and even help with weight loss.Whether you want to treat your body to the perfect pre and post workout boost, or you simply need a healthy charge to get the most out of your day, don’t miss out on the ancient powers. Unlock your inner warrior and order a tub today!

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