100% Beeswax Pillar Candles Set of 6 Size 5.11 x 1.18 in (13 x 3 cm) Eco Candles Hand Rolled Natural and Lovely Beeswax/Honey Scent 100% Handmade

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100% Beeswax Pillar Candles Set of 6 Size 5.11 x 1.18 in (13 x 3 cm), 100% handmade, pure, natural beeswax/honey scent, hand rolled. *** Lovely Honey Candles are unlike other candles, have soft honey scent and purifying effects that don't release toxins. They create beautiful ambiance with their warm glow. *** Benefits of beeswax candles: * Honey candles is eco-friendly and good for your health, with absolutely no carcinogens or hazardous ingredients.. * Burning 100% pure beeswax create negative ions when burning. * Negative ions neutralize bad positive ions such as allergens, dust and air borne toxins. * Beeswax candles are thought to be healthier than most others. * Created by the bees, 100% natural, all chemical-free. * Smell great as they are naturally scented by the honey and floral nectar in the honeycomb; carbon-neutral. * Have a high melting point (in fact the highest among all known waxes) which results in a significantly longer (2-5 times) burn time and drip very little, if any at all. This offsets their higher cost. * Hypo-allergenic, benefit those with environmental allergies, sensitivities and asthma. * Burn stronger and brighter. Emit naturally bright light of the same light spectrum as the sun. They are a gift from nature!
Color: Yellow
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