Vase Candle Set - Valhalla Spirit Refillable Vase and Dish Set with Free Spring Rain Scented, Soy, Paraffin Wax Blend, Paper Core, Self-trimming Wick Candle, Free Shipping

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Spirit is a line of glass that has sweeping comets of color on either a clear or a Firelight base that creates a distinct, mouth-blown look. Vase Candle is a unique candle burning system that combines everything that you love most about candles and fragrance.The Candles are fresh and poured to order using a creamy soft paraffin/soy blend wax for excellent throw and clean up.We use the highest quality fragrance and use as much as this creamy wax can handle.Each piece of glass is different and unique. This is a real glass that is signed and dated. Our vases average between 5" to 7" tall and can be as wide as 5" at the top and 2" at the bottom.The dishes are between 8" and 9" across and no more than 4" tall.A free Spring Rain half candle will be included with your purchase.Our Half Candles have a 25 hour burn time.Our candles are made to be burned in our vases. They have fragrance all the way through the wax and a paper core, self-trimming wick. When the candle is done (about a 1/2 inch from the bottom of the vase), just wipe out what is left of the wax and put another one of our refills into the vase.
Color: purple
Condition: New

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