18 x 24 Large Wedding Tree Drop Top Guest Book Alternative

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This unique and thoughtful guest book alternative is an exciting and warm way to involve guests at your event. They'll enjoy signing the wooden leaves and dropping them in the frame, where their words can be cherished for a lifetime. It's not just a great wedding guest book, it's also perfect for baby showers, birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Fundraisers, etc. **There are 3 different leaf sizes (1.5", 1.75", 2") which allow a different amount of space to be written on. The larger the leaf, the more than can be written on them, but the less which will fit in a frame. --In my opinion...(see the picture above of the signed maple leaves) ---The 1.5" leaves are a good size for just a name or two, but not much more. ---The 1.75" leaves hold more text. A great size for multiple names (often the choice of signing by couples). Also a name with a longer blurb and/or small drawing. ---The 2" leaves have quite a bit of room and are great for allowing guests to leave a longer message. Remember, most guests at events like weddings will fill out one piece as a pair if they're with a date. So if you plan to have 150 guests at your wedding, unless you make it a point that each guest sign a piece individually, expect less than 150 signed pieces. Therefore, I'd suggest 2" leaves as about 120 will probably be plenty. For something like a kid's birthday, I suggest getting the smaller or medium sized leaves (1.5" or 1.75") and close to around exactly how many guests you plan to have. Each kid will want to sign his own. ***This frame holds approximately 215 1.5" leaves, ~175 1.75" leaves, ~120 2" leaves. If you need more than 215 pieces, I can make the leaves a bit smaller and the trunk smaller to allow the frame to hold more. Just ask and I will try to accommodate.
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