Maple Wood End Grain Chopping Block Large Handmade Cutting Board Butcher Block

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Our wooden end grain cutting board is handcrafted by our master craftsmen. It is the perfect addition to any kitchen, and would make and excellent handcrafted personalized gift for a family member, couple, friend (especially for that friend or family member that has a special day coming up!) or a handcrafted cutting board would make an excellent corporate gift! We created our premium line of handcrafted wooden cutting boards to be beautiful, functional and unique. They are designed to protect the sharpest of blades but also add a unique touch if kept on the counter. The wood grain is oriented vertically to maximize scratch resistance while minimizing impact to your blades. Wooden cutting boards are naturally resistant to bacteria, unlike plastic cutting boards. We offer a variety of sizes. If we don't have the size you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to make the desired size! Our cutting board has a FDA approved food safe finish. Every cutting board we create is made from natural hardwoods but we are fully committed to sustainable forestry activities. As a result, there may be small size variations due to our commitment. This allows us to deliver a product that is unique, one of a kind, and environmentally conscience! This cutting board is crafted from ultra-premium hardwoods creating a super durable, lasting cutting board. Wood: American Maple Glue: FDA Approved Tightbond 3 Finish: Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil Care: Work the supplied beeswax and mineral oil into the cutting board with your hands. The natural warmth of your hands will help open the pores in the wood and improve the finish. In addition, it will help moisturize your hands! We recommend oiling your block once a week for the first 2 weeks then once a month thereafter. Thanks for shopping at The Practical Plankist and please feel free to contact us with any additional questions!
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