10 x "Fuck Hole" Tattoo - Lettering in black - Sexy Kinky Temporary Tattoo (10)

10 x "Fuck Hole" tattoo lettering in black for club or fetish party. "Fuck Hole" real motif size of 13.0 x 2.9 cm. Combinable with other lettering from our shop. Including German instructions on the back. In addition a practical form for the ideal positioning of the tattoo. The tattoos can last up to several days (depending on skin type and mechanical load) and are also water and soap-resistant. The application is very easy. Before the application clean the skin and cut out tattoos as desired. 1. Remove the protective film. 2. Apply the tattoo to dry and non-greasy skin. 3. Fully moisten the back with a damp cloth. 4. Remove the backing paper after about 10-30 seconds. 5. The tattoo is finished. After drying, dab the tattoo with a damp cloth to remove adhesive residues and to add the tattoo in addition. Warning! The tattoos are soap and water resistant! If they have not been worn for so long, simple adhesive tape helps. They dissolve with oil or fatty creams. For removal, rub it gently with baby oil and then rub off with a cloth.

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